Is meditation for your child? Only if you want them calmer and happier!

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Question: My child has a lot of energy and one of my friends mentioned that he should try meditation.  How would meditation help him?

Answer – I think meditation is wonderful for a child age three all the way up to an adult age 103 and is one of the best behavior management strategies that I know.  Meditation is a way to focus the mind and learn how to control the body and sometimes even guide the body into taking actions with the mind’s help.  Meditation would show your child how to use proper breathing techniques to create wonderful scenes from their own imaginations. It would also show them how great a relaxed mental state feels. The first meditation that I do with my students is called belly breathing.

I invite you to try with them. Have your child lay down on their back. Place a light beanbag, pillow or something weighing less than a pound on their belly.  Tell him to imagine that the object is a boat and their stomach is the ocean. As they breathe in and breathe out, tell them to try to breathe through their noses like they are smelling flowers then breathe out like they are blowing out a birthday candle. Tell them that a big wave is coming and ask them to raise the ship as high as they can by making their stomachs bigger. Then bring the waves down and have the boat drop as they pull their stomachs in. This is a meditation that they can do by themselves. Tell them that whenever they are feeling sad or mad, find a place and take 5 deep breaths. Now if you set the example and show them that you do it, I promise both your lives will be more tranquil and peaceful.

Another meditation that may require more guidance from you. As they lay on their backs, they are to picture someone drawing the number ten in the sand. As the waves come in, their breath goes in. As the water goes back down over the sand, the waves wash over the number.  Have them practice this from 10 to 1. Then tell them to envision something that they want to try or something that they want to be successful at. Ask them to share it with you. As they’re doing that, have them notice the good feelings that they have in their body and say one word to describe the emotions or feelings that they feel.

Coach them, maybe give them some example as to some of the words for example: happy, excited, smiling or calming.  Coach them on the breathing, even do this with them and as they breathe in and as they breathe out, have them think about those good feelings and being successful.  Then have them count back to five as they open their eyes.  Whenever they think of that one project or goal or dream that they’re trying to fulfill and they say those same words, emotions will come up and will slowly have the body start to follow the mind, creating those goals, wishes or dreams in reality. Enjoy your meditations and click on the link below to see what happens when an entire school meditates.


Video on how meditation changed a school.

Read the First 2 Chapters of My New Book: Breaking the Bullying Circle



Hello all! I am almost done with my second book in the, “Building the 21st Century Child,” series called, “Breaking the Bullying Circle.” This book will open up the eyes of parents and educators on how to stop bullying, why bullying is only getting worse and what is really happening at home, in school and society as a whole. Be warned! This book may push buttons, offend people, and, I hope, may even have people take action to actually prevent and eliminate bullying in schools and at home. I have attached the introduction and the first 2 chapters. Enjoy!

Breaking the Bullying Circle Intro and Chap 1 and 2