How to Stop Bullying: with Nutrition



How do you feel when you are going to work and when you get there, the coffee machine isn’t working. How about when it’s getting close to lunchtime and something comes up and delays your lunch for an hour. Do you go hungry or grab something not so healthy from the snack machine?

You know that what you put in your mouth and how you respond to the world that day are all intertwined in our daily lives. The same goes for your children. If your children are eating chemicals and not eating natural foods, that affects their interaction with others. If a child is coming down from a soda sugar high, their behaviors are affected chemically. If your child skips a meal, their brain function and ability to learn is affected. One way how to stop bullying is to ensure our children are healthy and fed. You already know this. The question is what can we do. Most of you aren’t nutritionists. The link below is to the nutrition section of our website. This is jam packed full of information like healthier alternatives to the typical foods that children eat. In my school assemblies on health and fitness, I give healthier alternatives to sweet desserts like microwaving apples or bananas and topping with cinnamon. AMAZING!

There is also information about what chemicals and additives are in the food you and your children eat so you have an educated decision to make for the next round of shopping. You have a hard choice to make for the future. Do I go the easy way out and feed my kids what I know isn’t good for them or do I work a little harder to make slow and slight changes in their food consumption and in turn stop filling the pockets of corporations that prey on uneducated parents and their trusting children. Hard statement to take in and the truth. I invite you to take the actions that you think are best for you and your family.

Healthier meal alternatives and information on additives and vitamins.

Behavior Management Strategies: Why do parents spoil their kids?

parent child yelling

Do you as a parent or teacher know that giving into your children does not help them become a better person? Do you make yourself wrong for doing it and still do not know the reason why you continue doing what you know is wrong? Consider that your patterns and programs that you have been developing in the background of your mind are forcing you. Do any of the following 3 paragraphs ring true for you?

  1. Parents now work longer hours and spend less time with their kids. There has been a shift in responsibility and parents look for the teachers to discipline their kids at school. They mistakenly don’t discipline them and give them whatever they because they internally feel so hurt and guilty that they don’t spend time with them. They feel that giving them what they want will make them happy. It actually teaches the children that the world outside their home will be the same way…and when reality kicks in, the child becomes a behavior concern.
  1. Children are learning and adapting every day when they come back from school. They learn phrases like “You don’t love me!” and they learn to never stop asking because the parent (like their teacher at school) will cave in eventually instead of being disciplined. So why stop asking for everything under the sun if it is proven time and time again that you will get it.
  1. As the current parent generation grew up, they were still disciplined by their parents. Remember when you were yelled at or spanked? You cried and went to your room and said to yourself “When I grow up and have kids, I’ll never……”. And now that had come true for all the parents that were disciplined as youths and now have re-wired their brains to resist disciplining their children.

Now you get to make a choice. A choice whether to take actions that reinforce your selfishness by making a comfortable choice that you now know hurts your child in the future…Or you can be their champion and make the hard choice of implementing behavior management strategies that are effective because they have been tested and proven to work in schools and homes nationally. What choice will you make for the future of your children?