Universal energy: It’s there to help you with your children.


Have you ever thought of someone and their face pops up in your mind and just as you think about them and wonder what they are up to, your phone rings and it’s them? Have you walked by  your closet  and something  told you to grab an umbrella  on a sunny day  and then later on  it rains? Have you ever  made eye contact with someone  and just knew that you should go over and talk to them  and you didn’t? The word ” weird” tends to be spoken when these situations happened. I started practicing Reiki 10 years ago and was introduced to Universal energy and I’d like to share a story with you about how Universal energy help me while I was teaching the class.

It was three summers ago and I had just come back from a retreat in Upstate New York where the focus was about waking up and discovering your true you while also getting in tune with yourself on a mind-body and spiritual level. Two days later I was teaching a soccer class and I had two children in the class that never participated. One was a girl who would simply run around the field and would have no interest in kicking a soccer ball. As long as she was safe and didn’t interrupt any of the other children, I let her be. The other was a boy who just stood on his poly spot and didn’t move. He would be observing his fellow students however never wanted to move from his spot. I normally would have let them be  however I just had a feeling that there was another solution. I took a deep breath

The first thing in connecting intentionally with universal energy is to take a few cleansing deep belly breaths. When you focus on your breath, the mind quiets and the messages can come through clearer. I waited patiently and kept on breathing. Then I heard that quiet, subtle and confident voice speak and say “take their hands”… so I did. Once all 3 of our hands connected, I felt an energetic yet calm feeling come over me. I passed the soccer ball over to the girl on the right and she trapped the ball by placing her foot on it. This was the first time that she had done that. I then asked her to pass the ball back to me even though she’s never done it in class and she did. I then passed it to the boy on the left and he amazingly trapped it and passed the ball back to me.
All three of us proceeded to dribble the ball up and down the field while passing to each other and enjoying the smiles and amazement of the teachers that were watching these two children finally participate. Then the universal energy whispered one more time and said ” put their hands together” and I did. Still to this day I can see the boy and girl running hand in hand with the soccer ball as if when they touched each other their opposite energies balanced each other out.
When I train teachers in their continuing professional development I introduce this concept and offer it as a possible solution when trying to implement behavior management strategies. If you ever have a question that needs to be answered about a child. I invite you to try the same. What could it hurt? Why not? Think about a problem that a child in your life is having and take a few deep belly breaths, wait, listen and try what you hear. If you have a story to share, please share it with me and everyone else. Good luck!

Picture by Wonderlane

Why society is weak and our children will suffer without YOUR help.


What happened to our society? Why are people always offended? What happened to our “right to free speech”? What shifted that now has parents and teachers coddling children and having them believe that the world is a loving and caring place that will never upset them or hurt their feelings? What happened to schools teaching children the realities of life and how to function in a social environment successfully? Parents don’t want their children to be upset because then they would have to talk to their children and deal with the upset. When did this all start? My guess is February 2nd, 2004.

That is the day after the famous wardrobe malfunction brought to you by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. The entire country realized the next day that they can be offended as a whole. People will listen to them complain and whine. “Our children were watching!” was one of the many complaints heard the next day on the news and at the office. Parents complained about having to explain what happened to their children. “It shouldn’t have happened! Why do I now have to explain this to my children? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!” Fast forward 20 years later and we live in the delusional society where people think that other people are responsible for their own emotions. Someone says something that offends you, then you and you alone are the only person responsible for making yourself feel better. Or be weak and hope that they will change. Have you ever had a bad habit that people in your life wanted you to stop? The more they wanted you to stop, the more you wanted to do it. So why on earth would we expect others to change their behaviors and the way they think and speak for us?


When Donald Sterling made racist remarks, everyone was offended and thought that he should change the way he thinks because our society is moving away from racism. They aren’t going to change. We need to wait for them to die and educate our youth. Slowly we can change society and empower it. Because right now we are disempowering it. Everyone is so afraid of offending everyone else that they have become cowards themselves and unfortunately some of these cowards are responsible for our children when they are at school. Then you have the cowards at home they choose to blame teachers when they are honest with them about how to help their children when they truly need help. Parents used to listen to teachers because they are trained educators and believe what the teachers said over the lies of their children. Now they believe the stories that come out of their children’s mouths and accuse the teacher of “calling my child a liar” because they create a false truth that they are bad parents if their children lie. All children lie. The smarter ones lie more often. Be careful because you might be “shaming liars”.
Shaming this and shaming that. “He made me feel this way. She made me feel that way.” I hope that someday people wake up and realize that none of that happened in reality. What do I mean by that and how dare I say that? We are the only ones responsible for how we respond and react. When you allow something to offend you, you become a victim of your own mind and instead of being responsible and working on yourself, you would rather blame anyone and anything but yourself. It’s called being a human being in this society. Think about the next statement carefully. If I cursed you out and said the most obnoxious, rude, vile disgusting words right to your face, but I did it in another language, would you be offended? Of course not. That is because your brain did not interpret the words and give them meaning so that then you can choose to become upset at the meaning that that you gave the words. When I present my school assemblies on how to stop bullying, the children understand that no one can bully them without their consent.

If you raise your children or teach your students in a way that teaches them the opposite of how society is, then you are doing an amazing disservice to them. If you don’t let your children be upset occasionally then how will they learn how to be upset as adults? If you don’t teach your children that there is disappointment in life, then what happens to them when they are disappointed as adults? If you don’t teach your children to defend themselves both verbally and physically against a bully, then what happens when they are verbally or physically bullied as adults?

I invite you to choose the well-being of the children in your life instead of your own selfishness and I promise you your children will live better, stronger, and more effective lives. I invite you to wake up and see what kind of child you are truly creating.

Photo by Mike Mozart