How to Stop Bullying: with a great video to watch with your child!

Watch this video with your child. It has good tips on solutions to a mental bullying situation. Like anything in life, we start as a beginner with a new task. In my school assemblies, we practice what we are taught immediately as a walk around to all the children and bully them in front of their teachers. Luckily they use the Power Look and say “and?” repeatedly to stop the mental bullying. Practice this with your children so when the time comes and they are faced with a mental bully, they are proficient in what to do. The same goes with a physical bully. Enroll your child in a martial arts program for their own good. Martial arts provides the vehicle for learning self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Don’t assume they are taught in school, because we all know what happens when you assume…I hope you enjoy the video. Be well.

How to stop bullying: yourself with negativity and upset.


Having anger towards someone else is like drinking poison waiting for that person to die. With all the negative energy surrounding this election, pre and post, I wonder how many people realize that the anger they are putting out towards others and society is only taking a physical toll on themselves. Our bodies are intelligent creations. The body absorbs energy and gives it out on a huge level and whenever we read or watch something that makes us feel negatively about it, it chemically shifts our body chemistry. Look up Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work on how emotions and thoughts change water. You’ll learn that since our bodies are two-thirds water, our emotions alter our own bodies immensely.
You have the ultimate choice on how upset you want to be. No one can make you upset and that’s a fact. If that statement triggered or bothered you, think about this example. If someone made fun of you in a language that you understood, you would react in a certain way. However if they made fun of you in a language that you didn’t understand, your reaction would be different. They are still making fun of you and the intention and body language is still there. You as the human with the ears hear the words coming out of the other human’s mouth, interpret them, give the meaning, then choose how to respond to them all in a matter of milliseconds. You as the human are the only person that gets to determine how you respond. Unless of course you do what the average human does and tries to get rid of responsibility as fast as possible. How much easier is it to say that someone else made fun of you and made you upset as opposed to actually realizing that you are the only source of your own upset because of how you respond to situations. Especially how you create expectations in your own mind on how people and things should be and then when the expectations do not fulfill themselves, you as a human would dare not choose to be responsible because of your own created expectation in your mind. You would rather choose to blame everything else but oneself.

The problem is that you don’t realize the cost is your power, commitment to yourself, self-expression, and absolute freedom from your own mind. You could be breathing deeply, enjoying a tasty beverage, playing with a dog or just being free from upset. Imagine the free time and energy you would have if you had nothing to complain about. True, wonderful, delicious freedom. Try it. Think about something that “shouldn’t be that way”. Then try accepting it as it was your choice. Choose the presidential nominee that you didn’t want. Then choose the one you wanted. Then choose differently. You can change your choices every second. You have this power. Things don’t have to be a certain way.
I just watched the video below about paying it forward at a supermarket. It was so beautiful. How do you feel when someone pays for your gas, tool, your food in front of you? How would that make you feel? Do you want to learn how to stop bullying yourself? Maybe instead of continuing to make yourself upset by living in your mind and thinking that you’re unfulfilled expectations are ruining your joy, pay for someone’s food. Even if it’s a gallon of milk. Feel that sensation. Enjoy that. Look at the smile on the person’s face. Feel that love from your heart to theirs. The only way to really change is to change ourselves. I hope you enjoy the video below. Pay It Forward. We’re the only ones that get to choose our future. I dare you to take action.

Picture by Andrew Kuznetsov