Voices in your head


Have you ever thought about somebody in your life and wondered how they are doing and then within a moment the phone rings and it happens to be them? Have you ever felt like there is something more out there than what you see with your eyes?

Just as we communicate with each other through modern technology like smartphones and tablets, there are channels of communication that are being used yet we don’t hear that phone ring. Unless we are taught to listen. To truly have effective communication with another human being, we need to first have effective communication within ourselves. The first step in doing that is being able to distinguish between the universal voice that guides us if we listen and the ego that steers us in the wrong direction.

If you’re wondering what voice I’m talking about when I mention the ego, then that’s the exact voice that just asked, “what voice is he talking about?” That voice more likely will tell you that if you’re having a long day you’re okay to have a sweet snack that you know is not on your meal program as opposed to telling you to go for an energetic and invigorating walk so that you can de-stress from the day. The brilliance of the ego is that it’s most important goal is to be right.

How often do you like to be wrong? How often do you like to be right? I know a few people in my life that are not in relationships anymore, whether romantic or platonic, because it was more important for them to be right about something than to be happy. When working in a preschool with many different personalities including the children, the parents, and your coworkers, there are many opinions in this mix and everyone thinks that they are right. Try on the next time that you get upset with someone, just ask yourself what’s more important, to be right about the situation or to be happy? You can only choose one. We think we can have both…another trick of the ego. Giving up being right opens up communication from the heart from one human being to another.

Another benefit to you is that your mind will get just a little bit quieter. Imagine not being upset about things in your mind and having them distract you instead of being with your awesome, wonderful children.
If you ever get in a situation where you don’t know what to do, whether it’s a behavioral challenge or a child simply not understanding a lesson, I asked you to take on being the champion of these children and choosing the more difficult task. That task would be to give up being right about the situation. Take as many slow and calming deep breaths with your tongue behind your bottom teeth so that cold air comes through your mouth and cools your body. Then wait for the universal energy to give you the solution. All you have to do is listen.

The first part of your challenge begins now. What are you making right and what are you making wrong about this article? Is it more important that your opinions are true or is it more important that there is a chance that letting go of you being right could magically connect you and transform you into a better champion, a hero for your children. NOW CHOOSE!

Picture by https://www.ramdass.org/ram-dass-on-the-inner-voice/