The truth about the current education system…in 12 minutes. It’s worth the watch!

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Have you ever sat back and thought about your journey through the education system?

Have you ever been bored in class or asked questions like why do we have to learn this?

Do you or your children learn a different way?

Are you a person who thinks outside of the box?

How many of you have ever wondered why schools are not teaching children true skills that they will need in life?

Why is it so important to focus on education and consistently have children work by themselves to memorize information, put it back onto a test, and then forget it like they never learned it?

I consistently hear stories about people who are extremely successful in their fields of interest because they choose to follow their passions as opposed to getting lost and subdued in a typical college environment. What did you learn the last few years of high school and the first two years of college? And why is it that we learn in an educational institute and then typically discovered that the real world is the opposite. When I was 19 I took a 40-hour bartending course, paid $250 for it and then got a job as a bartender. I made no drinks that I learned and poured beers and wine into glasses 98% of the time. I wasn’t a bartender, I was a bottle opening pourer. I then went to real estate school at 21, paid $450 and spent 40 hours of my life learning and storing information. Day 1 of my orientation meeting at my new real estate office my employer’s first words out of his mouth were, “Forget what you learned at real estate school…real estate is only about… “If you are curious as to why the education system is the way that it is, then I invite you to have an eye-opening 12-minute experience by watching this video. If you learned anything from this video then I ask you to share it with others.

12-minute eye-opening video on why our education system is the way it is.